Facility Managers

We understand the importance of fast, reliable service for your property and for your client satisfaction.

  • A prompt service response and friendly customer service.

  • Bird proofing and control

  • Flying insect control

  • Time-sensitive schedule

  • Facility monitoring and employee training

Real Estate Professionals

We recognize the demands of real estate firms and the delicate nature of real estate transactions. Thus, we always work with your timeline in order to get inspections and any necessary treatments completed by the close of escrow to the satisfaction of all parties.

Property Managers
  • An audit of your current services and needs

  • A thorough inspection of the premises

  • Work performed by knowledgeable, licensed technicians

  • A clear and detailed explanation of methods used to address the problems

  • Limited warranty on performed services

Typical Services
  • ​Rodent proofing and control, decontamination and disinfection of infested areas

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Chemical treatment with traditional and EcoPCO and EcoEXEMPT minimum risk insecticides

Expedited Services
  • Guaranteed 36-hour scheduling of termite inspections when rush services are required

  • Wood-Destroying Organisms report can be issued on request the same day as the property inspection

  • Structural repairs with original paint color match.